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The UK Drivers Best Friend

Got A Speeding Ticket And Don't Want The Points Or Fine?
That Will Get ANY UK Speeding Ticket

The UK Drivers Best Friend

LEGAL WARNING: The letters distributed in this pack are for information purposes only and must NOT be used if they do not apply to your situation. You should NOT use these letters to circumvent a speeding ticket fine that is rightfully yours. Please note that they are not applicable to HGV, LGV, commercial, or for hire vehicles or drivers.

From the Desk of Bill Lewis, Birmingham

What would you say if I told you there were exactly three TOP SECRET letter templates that YOU could use to get yourself off ANY speeding ticket… in just seconds?

I'm guessing you wouldn't believe me.

But I'm going to prove to you that ONLY SUCKERS that speed pay speeding fines.

My name is Bill Lewis and I make a business out of driving law. Every day, I help get my high-profile clients out of sticky situations using legal loopholes that NOBODY ELSE dares to even think about.

I'm the editor of UK Driving Guides, and hire a department that routinely deal in fulfilling speed detector and PhotoBlocker orders. It's fair to say that I probably know more about UK motoring law than almost anyone you're likely to meet.


HOW? By using a few crafty legal tricks that NOBODY ELSE knows about. And I mean NOBODY.


I'm NO Cockney Rebel. But the System is FLAWED.
Here's Why, And It's Extremely Important!

One thing I'd like to clarify: I'M NO REBEL. I don't believe in speeding, or stealing money rightly owed to the Government.

But with revenue from motoring fines doubling every three years, some think that the UK police force are using everyday motorists as a means of collecting MILLIONS in bonus revenue. They also say that the Government doesn't provide enough funding for the police, so the police pass the bill onto YOU.

So, LET ME ASK... What happened the last time YOU received one of those speeding fines in the post??

You saw those dreaded words: "Notice of Intended Proseuction" – and your heart started that deep, steady pounding. You do a Web search to see if there are any ways to get around it. You think about writing a nasty letter. Or maybe you invent some excuse that you were rushing to the hospital.

NO EXCUSE! You'll only delay the INEVITABLE.

Ultimately, you end up PAYING, right? The fine comes through – and a couple of days later, you're £60 worse off and with three extra points on your license.

Tsk. Life is great, huh? WELL - Life IS great. Because it does NOT have to be that way.


That Will CANCEL Your Ticket. INSTANTLY.
(PS. I charged 1000-a-shot for this service!!)

In my dealings with the law, I have discovered one EXCLUSIVE legal defence that doesn't just work sometimes. It works EVERY time.
It consists of three SIMPLE letters that when sent will ensure your speeding ticket is cancelled… INSTANTLY!

Seriously. I'm talking about a service I've provided for high-profile clients, DESPERATE to ensure their reputations remain intact. Or for executives with nine points, BEGGING me to do something to ensure their license isn't taken from them.

My letters are FOOL-PROOF. You don't even have to read them.
I don't anymore. In fact, I've previously charged up to £1000 simply
acting as a "legal consultant" using these letters as my backbone.

I simply click print and I'm done. There's another grand in the bank.

You might think I'm joking. And I don't even care.

I'm not arrogant – but I am confident. These letters have worked time and time again. They get speeding tickets cancelled, IMMEDIATELY.

HOW? By exploiting a small loophole that the police are totally unable to fix, EVER. It's a loophole you won't find listed on any driving Web site – and it's a secret you won't find in any of the driving guides out there, not even the ones I've edited.

And it's not a secret with an expiry date either. I'm not going to ask you to quote the Human Rights Act and presume the police will be quivering in their boots. They've wised up to smart pranksters trying to pull a "fast one".

This is TOTALLY legitimate, TOTALLY legal and TOTALLY safe. It's a method of getting your ticket cancelled IMMEDIATELY - without going to court.

LEGAL WARNING: Please note that these letters should ONLY be used if they fit your situation. The letters are sold for information only and should not be used inappropriately.

They WILL get your ticket cancelled; however you should only use them if you do not believe yourself responsible for the alleged offence. To use the letters if you are guilty would be unfair to the UK driving system.


Interested? Here's EXACTLY How to Use the Templates.
PLUS, Check Out the Hard Physical PROOF That It Works!

So, what can I tell you about my templates? Well – firstly, they work. 100% of the time!
Just fill in your name and address and click "Print". It's that simple!


Here are the letters I use:

SECRET Template Number ONE – This is the letter you send to the police after you've received your Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP). It's incredibly friendly and will elicit a suitable response.

SECRET Template Number TWO – When the police respond to template number one, then simply send them THIS template. Once they receive it, they will CANCEL YOUR TICKET. Simple as that!

SECRET Template Number THREE – If the police respond in a slightly different way to your first letter, then just send them THIS template instead. We'll let you know how to tell the difference. And once they receive THIS template, they'll CANCEL YOUR TICKET.

I know what you're thinking. It sounds impossible. Surely this would be the absolute Holy Grail of UK Motorists.

If it were, people would become suspicious. Only a FEW individuals know about this – and only a few are ever likely to. It's used by top lawyers to ensure their clients get off their speeding tickets – and it's used by ME.

HERE'S PROOF - One of the many thousands of letters I've received from my clients after using my special three letter secret. And this one is from the "toughest" force of them all, the Metropolitan Police:

I've many other letters from clients in my office just like these. Imagine one of THESE landing on your doorstep, as a result of just sending off one of my THREE SECRET LETTERS.

YES -- THIS SYSTEM WORKS -- But should ONLY be used ethically.


I've decided to SHARE my Incredibly Effective Secrets with the lucky few who stumble across this Website.


Here's Why I'm Only Selling 250 Copies of the Letters...
And Why NOT EVERYONE Can Purchase This.
(It's really important you read this bit!)

I've spent years using this same response to help get my clients off speeding tickets (when they are genuinely innocent, of course).

The three letter system cost me a considerable amount in legal resources and many months of trial-and-error to uncover.

IT WASN'T EASY. But now I'd like YOU to benefit from my time and money – and discover this powerful, effective, and FOOL-PROOF three letter system.

BUT AGAIN, you must ONLY use this system if you're innocent of the alleged offence. This system will get you off your speeding ticket, but it is NOT intended to subvert justice. If you are guilty, you should pay your fine and accept the points – or whatever other punishment is levied upon you.

I am going to retail EXACTLY 250 COPIES of my letter template kit – and then I'm going to stop. It's pointless flooding the market, and I want to ensure there's still room for me to continue earning money getting clients off their own speeding tickets.

Now, I COULD'VE written a three-hundred page book detailing the principles and legalities behind the system. How it works, why it works, when you'll receive responses. But that's not how I work – as they say in the States, I'm a "straight shooter".

If you're one of the few people that manage to glimpse at this "Holy Grail" then you'll receive the knowledge to cancel ANY speeding ticket for ANYONE… EVER!

You'll get the EXACT THREE LETTERS you need – and all of the information you need to know which one you should send. No more hours of worry. It'll take you under TWO MINUTES to respond to any future speeding fines you receive.

CRITICAL: You can use this system on your friends (if they are not guilty of course), however, you AGREE to NOT provide this service commercially in any way. That's one market I wish to keep for myself!



Here's Something You Don't See Very Often...
An Absolute 100% Success Rate...

I don't intend to make bucket loads of money on the sale of my letter templates. It'll probably fund an extra couple of holidays this year.

However I want you to know that I'm not going ANYWHERE. I'll back this Web site to the very end – and will continue to be around to support the individuals that buy my system LONG after we've sold the intended 250 copies.

PLUS – I'm going to offer ANYONE that decides to have a peek at my SECRET three letters a total 100% FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE that they work absolutely!

It's true. You see, MY LETTERS WORK (providing of course that you only use them ethically). But let's just imagine for a tiny moment that they do NOT work for you for whatever reason. Just send me the details of your case and you'll receive a FULL refund...



Want to discover the SECRET TEMPLATE LETTERS??

Just click on the below link to purchase YOUR copy of my template kit, containing my THREE exclusive police letter templates – and a guide showing you EXACTLY how to use them.

Once you've received these letters, you're welcome to keep them FOREVER. They'll CONTINUE to work for you, over and over again. This is literally the ONE SECRET GEM you will not find ANYWHERE else. It's the Golden Bullet.

AND BEST OF ALL? It costs less than the price of a decent meal for two
– and that's WITH my 100% total five-year GUARANTEE.

So just click below to get started. Remember, this could be your LAST CHANCE to get hold of this letter kit. Once we've sold 250 copies, WE'RE OUT and will NOT sell any more.

This is NOT a welcome offer. This is NOT a teaser. This is NOT something we say to get you interested. We will be WITHDRAWING this template kit after we've sold 250 copies. And you won't be able to buy it from anywhere else. PERIOD.

Ready to get started? CLICK BELOW to grab your copy – TODAY.

All payments are processed by PayPal For
All major credit cards accepted. Download links sent instantly. Works with Windows, Mac or Linux.
No Fines, No Points, NO TICKET!

That's ALL from me. This kit is true gold dust. And you're paying one TINY fee in order to access something that could continue paying off for the REST of your life. It could save your license. It could save you going to court. It could save hours and hours of worry, of marriage strain, of legal costs.

This is your ONE and ONLY chance to discover how to make the legal system work for YOU.

Take it now, you will thank yourself that you did.

Thanks for your time,

Bill Lewis, Motoring


PS. If you're still unsure whether you should purchase this kit, then DON'T. In creating this package, I hope to spread it to those few individuals that will genuinely use it. This is the TRUE single system that could cancel ALL of your future speeding tickets. If you want to discover it for yourself – ONCE and for ALL – then CLICK NOW to discover the secrets!

PPS. Remember, I'm selling 250 copies of this course. And THAT'S IT! I've specifically requested that this page is INSTANTLY converted to a pure support site once we've run out of copies. So if you want to discover the secrets, you MUST act fast.

UPDATE - Thank you to everyone that has bought their copy of the guide so far. We're ALMOST THROUGH all of our copies now so have reduced the price down to just 39.95 for the last few sales. This Is Your LAST CHANCE to grab a copy!!

I DON'T BELIEVE IN FAKE TESTIMONIALS. That's why I haven't published any. Besides, retailing just 250 copies, we wouldn't have time to collect enough. But I did receive this ... "I never believed your letters would work. Everyone would be doing this if they did!? But I simply changed the details in your template, sent it off, and that was it. Speeding ticket cancelled! I can't thank you enough" -- from M.W. in Derbyshire.

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